We extract data from websites.

Simple, custom web scraping tools for researchers, growth hackers, marketing & sales teams.


Focus on the data.

Good data drive good decisions. You can access all kind of data beyond visible text of web pages. We can analyze links, meta-tags, technology used, writing style, contact details, and various other signals. Designed around your objectives, our parsers will output data you can act upon.

Let the pros do the scraping.

It's nasty. Stop wasting your time on clunky software and buggy scripts. Trust us, it's a painful art to code accurate parsers and manage proxy server queues.

Get a CSV, XLSX, or JSON.

Download your data in CSV, XLSX or JSON formats that matches your specifications. You can also dynamically run your parsers on any URLs using our API (useful to keep your data fresh or create reports on-demand).

Airtable to Zapier integrations

We love automation and got tons of integration options. Google Sheet? A simple table? A mailing list? Your database? We'll help you get your data where you need it to be. You can also automatically link your data to 2,000 other tools via Zapier.

Parse anything.

If it's online, we can parse it. Extract company information from a list of domain names. Download product catalogs in bulk. Retrieve links on Wikipedia entries. Analyze blog posts vocabulary. Photos of penguins. Anything.

Supercharged URLs analysis

You'll get access to tons of extra data points about the websites you scrape. We analyze 100+ signals and intersect with various data sets and classifiers. You could for instance get the number of Facebook shares, geo-code addresses, or analyze key topics.

Scheduled reports

Do you need to acquire data daily? weekly, monthly? Set it and forget it. Don't wait for long jobs to process. We'll email you fresh data when you need it.

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